About Us
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About Us

Who We Are

Vision + Experience = 🏆

Since our first flip in 2003 we’ve grown to become experts on building in Austin TX.  We know that without the know-how, creative vision is meaningless. Luckily we have both. While we’ve been developing unique ground-up construction in Austin for over a decade, we have also become a go-to lender for Austin developers. Our sister lending company Little City Investments has given us detailed insight into the mechanics and pitfalls of real estate development funding. From feasibility to design, from construction to selling, we have the skills to pay the bills.


We decipher what can be built, where, and for how much.

Team Building

We put the all-stars together and make sure they play nice.


We don't brand developments. We develop brands.


We manage legal compliance, insurance and regulations.

Design Development

With engineers and architects we design cool, timeless stuff.

Construction Admin

We get down and dirty with the GC to guide the building process.

Marketing and Selling

Did we mention we're a full service real estate brokerage too?


Because after all this, we deserve a tasty beverage.

Kary Aycock

The Warrior Magician

With well over 15 years of independent real estate success in Austin, TX, Kary has vast experience operating on all levels of the development process. As a broker, she has marketed, bought and sold millions of dollars worth of commercial and residential real estate. As a lender, she has funded development projects from small residential rehabs to large, multifamily developments. As a developer she has successfully led well-designed, sustainable, commercial and residential projects in both up and down markets. She’s a triple threat. She knows how to win. And she knows Austin.

Jerad Kolarik

The Third-Eye Seer

A major creative force behind LCD, Jerad draws from a rich personal history of user experience design, corporate branding and interactive marketing. An Ex-Creative Director at the ad agency Watershed 5, he helped build brands for restaurants, commercial developments and hotels. His pivot to real estate development has expanded his creative field of play to include complete, immersive architectural experiences. As a developer, Jerad has logged extensive time conducting market research, vetting sites, determining feasibility, navigating compliance and managing development teams on residential and commercial projects.