3202 Clawson
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3202 Clawson

Eight Modern Tree Houses

When considering the development of this one-acre lot, we knew early on it was special. Large, beautiful, multi-stemmed live oaks and cedar elms were interspersed throughout the property.  You felt like you were some place special, and this was a feeling we didn’t want to lose. So we worked with the architect to subdivide the lots around the trees instead of cutting them down. Not only did this approach retain the natural beauty of the land, it also created completely individual floorplans with their own unique views into nature.

With contemporary high-end finishes, meticulous site-specific design, and an uncompromising eye for detail, we engineered eight treehouses to interact intimately with the surrounding environment. Multiple spacious balconies and patios open into lush tree canopies. Massive windows and skylights provide impeccable natural lighting. Eight completely unique floorplans maximize privacy and individuality. Located in best zip code in Austin, and in a prime corner of the neighborhood, these are treehouses that you can make your home.


  • Land purchase
  • Subdivision
  • Design development
  • Construction administration
  • Listing/Marketing


Acero Construction


Mark Odom Studio

Structural Engineer

MJ Structures

Civil Engineer

Stansberry Engineering

Number of Units


Total Square Feet



1 Acre